How did we get here? Are aliens real? And is it possible to lick your elbow?

Based on interviews with members of the community aged between 8 – 102, Creation Creation is a comedy about life’s biggest mysteries.

Two fearless creators will step onto the stage and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe using whatever tools are at their disposal. Cardboard boxes become battleships and ping pong balls become planets in a hilarious explosion of art, sculpture and puppetry.

A daring and audacious journey to the very edge of the universe and back again. It’s a wild, theatrical experiment for the curious among us.

A note for audiences:
As part of developing Creation Creation, over 50 people were asked ‘what big mystery would you like an answer to?’, with answers sourced from both experts and the general public. The performance tackles some big questions, including ‘how did the world begin?’, ‘is there other life in the universe?’, ‘how are babies made?’, ‘what does dying feel like?’, and ‘what will life on earth be like in 1000 years?’. Each question and answer is played out by the performers in a gentle, moving and fun way. Viewer discretion is advised, viewer curiosity is recommended.

Age suitability: This performance is recommended for ages 10+.

Warning: This event contains smoke effects and strobe lighting.

All dates of this event are Auslan interpreted
Auslan Interpretation is offered for all performances of Creation Creation, and translates what is being said or sung into Auslan (Australia's Sign Language).

Relaxed Performance – Saturday 20 August, 1pm
Relaxed Performances (RP) are for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. We focus on adapting the theatre environment and performance, as well as preparing the audience by developing pre-show resources. For the majority of the performance, the house lights will remain on. There is a sequence of approximately 5 minutes in Creation Creation where the house lights will be switched off. Please note that the theatre will be dark during this moment.

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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