A performance about dance, touch and healing.

A verbatim performance providing contemporary audiences with a unique insight into the pivotal role that WWII dancehalls played in maintaining cohesion and wellbeing on the Australian home-front.

For many, the dances “were everything”. At the dances you could lose yourself in sensual pleasures and escape the tensions and grief brought by war. Using universal themes, ‘Dear Ida’ appeals to all and provides an opportunity to understand the profound healing impact of dance in a time of trauma.

Produced by Kelpie Cross Productions

Directed by Lisa Petty

Music/ Sound Design by Faye Bendrups

Lighting Design by Greg Carroll

Stage & Production Manager Holly Anderson

Performed by Faye Bendrups, Sally Grage-Moore, Joshua Monagan, Chanelle Sheehan, Oliver Tapp

Image by Helen Madden

Event Access

Auslan Interpreted: Sunday 10th, 4 pm

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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