Echo Collective is an inclusive performing arts collective. Improvisation, storytelling, creative experimentation, and fun is what Echo Collective does best! Whether its online or face to face, joining Echo Collective means you will play a part in creating the wildest stories and narratives imaginable.

Echo Collective develops skills in performance and improvisation. Members of the collective work together. You will share stories and interests. We use these stories and ideas as a starting point for making live or recorded performances.

Echo Collective’s interest in performing stories takes all forms. You will work in drawing and visual art, dance and movement, interviews and word games.

Echo Collective believes in using imagination, having a willingness to be surprised, an open mind and a sense of humour.


  • Skill development
  • Social and community participation
  • Pathways to work ( Finding and Keeping a Job)
  • Artistic outcome based

Other Focus

Echo Collective is supported by a professional artist and two support artists who are experienced in working with people with disability and providing a range of supports to maximise participants' experience, creativity and engagement. Participants requiring one-on-one support can attend with their own carer or support worker. Please contact Arts Access Victoria for more information about one-on-one support options.

Event type

feature Deaf and/or disabled artists

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For bookings and information on specific access and transport.

Milly Cooper
Creative Producer


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