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Mish Grigor leaves. Again and again and again she leaves the stage, leaves the building, leaves the country. From the repetition, a game emerges. As she attempts (or pretends to attempt) a series of grand exits, her actions become more and more ridiculous, careening from the absurd to the darkly political. Exit Strategies is about escape, change and disappearance. About knowing when your time is up, and sensing when you’ve overstayed your welcome. It’s about wondering if you can go home again, or if you ever really had one. Auslan interpreted session on 15 November.

Event Access

Auslan interpreted session is at 7.30pm on Friday 15 November.

Venue Access

We have a wheelchair accessible entry, a lift to all levels in the building and accessible toilets.

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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For bookings and information on specific access and transport.

Claire Wilcock
Marketing Manager



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