"I have to remind myself to breathe – almost to remind my heart to beat!" – Heathcliffe, Wuthering Heights... But it could have just as easily been said by our mum, Robyn.

Robyn has been through a lot: the child of a teenaged mother; the stand-in-mother for her teenaged siblings; and to top it all off, the survivor of an anaphylactic pulmonary arrest which gave her a brain injury and medical PTSD. Robyn is a survivor.

We are her children: Tessa and Julian. And for you, we have prepared a *tasteful* collage of what life is like in the four minutes when you die (and the stuff that follows when you wake up again).

Explored through puppetry, song, and dance; Muthering Heights is an earnest, dark, and silly bit of theatre.

Each show is a Relaxed Sensory Performance to be enjoyed by people (like our mum) who love theatre, but find it kinda hard getting to the theatre these days. (Plus everyone else who loves weird theatre!)

Event Access

Not wheelchair accessible.

If you have mobility issues, but can manage one flight of stairs, there is an option to enter the theatre from the Box Office level (without going up another level through the Bar/Waiting Area). Speak to the staff at the Box Office to use this option. You’ll have to wait on this level before being escorted through.
Otherwise patrons can go up a second flight of stairs, and then down another to access the Downstairs Theatre.

Venue Access

The Butterfly Club in close proximity to the following tram stops:
(350m from) Tram Stop #11, City Square/Swanston St (servicing routes 1, 16, 3-3a, 5, 6, 64, 67, and 72)
(190m from) Tram Stop #2, Collins St/Elizabeth St (servicing routes 19, 57, and 59)
(350m from ) Tram Stop #6, Melbourne Town Hall/Collins St (servicing routes 11, 12, 48, and 109).

Flinders Street Railway Station is a 550m walk away from the venue. The walk can often be crowded with a lot of pedestrians using Swanston St in particular.
There is currently added congestion due to the building works for the new Town Hall Station. These works mostly affect the area around Flinders Street.

The Butterfly Club opens from 4:45pm (anytime there's a 5:30pm show, which Muthering Heights is).

Carson Place laneway is lit by (occasionally flashing) fluorescent lights, and has uneven and often wet asphalt ground.

The Butterfly Club’s door will be open. There is a set of stairs (approx 12 steps) from the doorway up to the Box Office on the first floor.
Visit the Box Office if you have Pre Purchased tickets to get checked in and collect your ticket. They only need the name you put on the ticket. You can also buy tickets at the Box Office, if the show isn’t already sold out. (Same goes for Fringe Participant Pass Holders.)
Speak to the Box Office attendant if you have questions or any access requirements.

If you have mobility issues, there is an option to enter the theatre from this level (without going through the Bar/Waiting Area). Speak to the staff at the Box Office to use this option. You’ll have to wait on this level before being escorted through.

Otherwise, there is an additional set of stairs up another floor to the Bar and Waiting Area.
The bar sells alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a water station for patrons to use. Glasses and cups are allowed into the theatre as well as water bottles.

The staff in the bar announce when the doors are open. This should be 5 minutes before the advertised start time. The bar staff will then usher you to the correct theatre (as there are two different spaces). Muthering Heights is in the Downstairs Theatre, down another set of stairs.
All tickets are for general admission, there are no seat numbers.

The Bar & Waiting Area can get fairly loud and full during Melbourne Fringe. However, as the first timeslot of the night, it shouldn’t be too packed. The busiest time is between shows (e.g. between Muthering Heights ending and the next show beginning).
The Bar & Waiting Area is lit with many coloured lights, lamps, and assorted pop culture and kitschy items. This can be a lot to take in visually.

During the performance there will be a quiet area in the large waiting room next to the bar.
The staff will ensure that the lamps and fairy lights are set to still or slow fade. If there are any that reset to flashing colours, you are welcome to tell staff and they can reset them again.

Patrons are welcome to enjoy the space before and after the show for as long as they like.

All toilets in the building are private and gender neutral. There are two on the same level as the Box Office. There is one on the same level as the Bar & Waiting Area.

The smoking area is at the top of the building, patrons can have alcohol up there.

Covid Safe masks are not mandatory but patrons are encouraged by the venue to wear them. Hand sanitiser dispensers are located throughout the building.

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

If you have any questions while at the venue, you can ask The Butterfly Club staff at the Box Office or the Bar.

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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For bookings and information on specific access and transport.

Tessa Stickland
Producer & Co-creator

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