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Mental Health First Aid Australia is calling for Expressions of Interest from people who have an intellectual disability and have experienced mental health problems who would like to have their artwork, poetry or music feature in a new training course.

Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA) is developing a training course for People with an Intellectual Disability. The course will be designed to equip people with the skills to provide mental health first aid to a person with an intellectual disability.

The course will share the lived experiences of people with an intellectual disability who have experienced and sought support for mental health problems.

What are we looking for?

• Artwork and poetry from people with an intellectual disability about their experiences of mental health problems.

• 4-minute music recordings from people with an intellectual disability about their experiences of mental health problems.

Your piece should tell the story of your recovery journey from a mental health problem.

Payment for chosen artwork: $500 for artwork and $250 for poetry or music

What to do next:
Use the link in the contact information. This will take you to a form to fill out and submit your artwork.

If you would like further information see in the program or opportunity section at the bottom of this page or
please contact Kathryn Chalmers at Mental Health First Aid Australia.

Program and Opportunity Access

Further information:


What does artwork or music licensing mean? Will I still be able to use my artwork?
If your artwork or music is selected, you will still be able to use it - you will just be giving us permission to use it too.

What should my artwork show?
We are looking for artworks that show your experience of a mental health problem. We would like the artwork to focus on what you experienced and your recovery experience. If someone helped you in your recovery journey (i.e. provided you with Mental Health First Aid) we would love to see that.

What does “high quality” mean?
We need the image to be above 100 dpi at A4 size. If you are not sure, submit your artwork to us in the most high-quality way possible and we will let you know if we can use it.

Will you need the original or just the picture?
We just need a high-quality digital image of the artwork. You can keep the original!

What mediums are preferred? Photos, paintings, illustrations, sculptures?
We have always used paintings or illustrations in the past, however, we are open to new possibilities and will consider all options. You may choose to submit a poem that describes your experiences, including what may have helped you. Your poem can simply be written on A4 document.

Music recordings
The recording should be a maximum of 4 minutes long and 20mbs in size. The file format must be MP3. For suggestions on how to achieve quality recordings, please review this article:

For more information about Mental Health First Aid go to or contact Kathryn Chalmers at Mental Health First Aid Australia:


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Kathryn Chalmers
Research & Projects Coordinator

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