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Our AFTM gallery and workshop studio space is currently temporarily closed until further notice due to the Australian Federal Government restrictions in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Artworks can now be viewed on AFTM's Shopify site and are available for purchase.

Katka and Sophie Adams, mother and daughter present a new exhibition ‘Pandora’s Box’ opening the lid on a wealth of feelings that are both difficult and painful. Their insight look’s into feelings and painful memories contributing to feelings of alienation and isolation within today’s society.

Sophie looks at life with mental illness depicted through a series of female figures. Combining clay bodies with different combinations the-strangely behaving hair of the figures comes alive. Sophie uses the metaphor of the figure's hair as it takes over and lurches into an emotional upheaval representing an overwhelming feeling of no longer having control.

Katka’s inspiration for her work is a creative response to her experience of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Reflecting on a challenging time spent contemplating life she revisited with sadness feelings she struggled to understand as child. Encapsulating with the title ‘Pandora’s Box’, it has enabled her to acknowledge and process her past – the suitcase within has sprung open.

Venue Access

Close proximity to accessible public transport - approximately 300 m from Fortitude Valley Train Station.

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feature Deaf and/or disabled artists

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Zoe Blandford
Projects Officer



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