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Chronic illness – health conditions characterised by their long-lasting and persistent effects – impacts the lives, livelihoods and creativity of many artists.

Chronic illnesses can include conditions such as arthritis; asthma; cancer; diabetes; pain syndromes; cardiovascular, lung and kidney conditions; neurodegenerative and neuromuscular conditions; and mental/behavioural conditions (including alcohol and drug problems).

Artists with these and other chronic health conditions require a range of approaches to help them perform but many arts companies, cultural venues and festival operators don’t know how to provide appropriate support, leading to negative outcomes for everyone.

Join us for this FREE online panel discussion with leading artists from across Australia who live with chronic health conditions as they unpack what access and inclusion means for people with chronic illness and how the cultural sector can respond more effectively to their needs as artists.

Learn about:

The barriers which can prevent artists with chronic illness from participating equitably in Australia’s creative industries.
The opportunities and challenges for arts and cultural organisations in terms of improving access and inclusion for artists with chronic illness.
Different approaches for supporting touring artists and festival performers.
How the COVID pandemic has impacted artists with chronic illness and what COVID’s legacy will be for the arts and cultural sector in relation to people with chronic health conditions.

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Other accessible and inclusive event

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Daniel Jaramillo
Trainee Administrator

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