With real scent in the theatre, Recollection offers an immersive sensory experience for audiences. This new queer play captures the journey of a mother, attempting to recreate the scent of her daughter as a perfume.

At key moments, custom-designed scents will be incorporated into the theatrical space, bridging the abstract nature of grief with the tangible aroma of memories, as the smells of fruits, spices, leather, dirt and skin synthesise into the full picture of a person.

How do you hold onto the scent of someone who’s gone?

Recollection is generously supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants, the University of Melbourne Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Ms Beck Wilkinson, and Pride Foundation Australia. Creative Development Support by Next Wave.

Event Access

Use of Scent
Please be advised that performances of Recollection contain aromatic materials (fragrances). Although we abide by IFRA regulations, and health and safety best practices, some people may experience a small degree of discomfort. If you are sensitive to scent, please consider attending our scent-optional Relaxed Performance.

• This production contains herbal cigarettes and theatrical haze.
• The climax of Recollection is designed to be a sensory ‘blooming’ experience, engaging the eyes, ears and nose.
• Recollection does not use strobing, and there are no sudden loud noises planned for the production.

Relaxed Performance
• Recollection will have a relaxed performance at 5PM, Sunday June 30th.
• Scent is optional in this performance, and will be distributed on a sprayed card if you wish to participate.
• House lights will be on in this performance, but dimmed.
• We may make minor changes to the sensory elements of Recollection, such as reducing bright lighting or loud volume. These elements will develop as we approach our season.
• The upstairs gallery is available as a quiet space (further details TBC).
• You are welcome to bring in and use stimming devices.
• There is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement.
• You can leave the venue at any time via the upstairs entrance (or accessible entrance, provided there is contact with the venue prior: see fortyfivedownstairs.com/contact-us/disabled-access/ for details.)

Auslan Interpreted Performance
There will be an Auslan Interpreted performance of Recollection at 7:30PM on June 29th, with two interpreters from Auslan Stage Left.

Content Warnings
Please be aware that this play contains content surrounding grief, drug references and trauma. There is no depiction of suicide. Scent will be dispersed at a few key moments during the play.
Recommended for ages 15+. Full breakdown available at https://potkettleblack.productions/

Venue Access

Step-free access (including wheelchair access)
fortyfivedownstairs has a narrow staircase leading to the theatre. Ground level access via Spark Lane is available on request by calling (03) 9662 9966 or submitting this form fortyfivedownstairs.com/contact-us/disabled-access/ at least 24 hours in advance of the performance. The access gate is about 820mm wide, but the turning circle is narrow: typically, if the wheelchair footprint is less than 800mm x 1000mm it can fit through the gate and make it into the theatre.

Stairs & Hallway
fortyfivedownstairs has 2 steps up (from Flinders Ln into the building) and then 56 steps down to the theatre level. There are landings every 14 steps and handrails the whole way down. The stairs are 900mm wide at their narrowest, and just over 1m wide at their widest.

Accessible toilets
fortyfivedownstairs has one accessible toilet on the theatre level. All toilets are gender-neutral. There is no shower available.

Companion cards
fortyfivedownstairs accepts companion cards.

There are two different widths of chairs, one is 490mm wide (Sebel Progress Chairs, not cushioned or upholstered), the other is 400mm wide (Sebel Program Chairs, cushioned and upholstered). Seating bank chairs do not have armrests, however chairs with armrests are available on request. These are padded and 450mm wide on the cushion, and 570mm wide on the armrests.

Hearing Assistance
Unfortunately fortyfivedownstairs is not equipped to support hearing loop devices, and Recollection does not use microphones.

Nearby parking is available at First Parking at Collins Place (28 Flinders Lane) or Secure Parking at 12-20 Flinders Lane.

Public transport
fortyfivedownstairs is located 250m from 11/12/48/109 stop 7 (Exhibition/Collins St) 350m from 70/75 stop 6 (Russell St/Flinders St), 300m from Parliament Station.

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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