Professional artists/teachers and support workers facilitate the program. They provide all materials and instruction necessary for participants to have a fun and creative time. Activities are adapted to suit the needs of each artist, allowing everyone to be involved in the creative process. Independence and empowerment are encouraged in the creative process.



  • Skill development
  • Social and community participation
  • Artistic outcome based

Other Focus

Program staff are highly experienced in working with people with disabilities. Qualified support staff provide personal and disability support, and use a range of supports such as Key Word Sign, COMPIC, large print and Easy English. An accessible toilet with a hoist and change table is also available. People with high support needs are welcome to attend with their own carer or support worker. Please phone to discuss funding options for one-on-one support.

Event type

feature Deaf and/or disabled artists

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For bookings and information on specific access and transport.

Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre

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