A fantastical experience for young people with complex disability and their families, leading a participating audience into a sensory state of mind and body.

When we are still we can feel the world turning.

You are invited to come on an adventure that will take you into the heart of a wondrous landscape, to become part of a wild place of the senses. Your family can see, hear, touch and smell this strange, rustling, breathing world as it reveals itself. Starting in your own home, this adventure will be one you remember, full of surprise and wonder.

In a landscape of living foliage, through sound, light, scents and shadows, When the World Turns playfully explores our connection with each other and with the world. In this place humans are equal parts of a new, inclusive ecology.

“Eventually, the child audience members realise they are leading the performance. The performers are responding to their noises and sounds; these are creating the shape and experience of the performance… There is an exquisite sense of joy and play permeating the room.” Dr Sarah Austin, The Conversation

Please read the FAQs on the Bunjil Place website before booking.

Event Access

When the World Turns is an immersive, interactive theatrical production created specifically for children with complex disability (who often face the most barriers to access) and their families or teachers/carers. When booking your tickets, the Box Office staff member assisting you will ask questions to find out your access requirements and other details so that the artists can provide the best experience for you and your family. For detailed event access information, please visit the Bunjil Place website (link below).

Venue Access

For detailed venue access information, please visit the Bunjil Place website (link below).

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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For bookings and information on specific access and transport.


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