Dearest compost, I am your mother and I am your child.

We live in an ecologically precarious time. Some of us don’t want to bring children into this world, others are worried their children won’t have a world to grow old into ... but we’ve still got a whole lot of love to give. Rethink what it means to give birth and be birthed, and sing-along with us in this gooey, camp and interactive subversion of family portraits, birthing classes, baby showers and evolutionary biology.

From the minds of queer trouble-makers Noemie Huttner-Koros and director Andrew Sutherland, and fresh from seasons at M1 Singapore fringe festival & Perth's Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights, Mother of Compost asks you to roll up your sleeves...change only comes from getting your hands dirty.

Event Access

Access guide downloadable from event page here:

About this Relaxed & AUSLAN interpreted Performance
For the Relaxed Performance on 7 October, a volunteer will be waiting at Box Office, and can escort attendees directly through to the theatre from the Box Office without going through the Bar/Waiting Area.

For the AUSLAN Interpreted Performance on 7 October, a visual aid document displaying ticket prices and show information will be available at the front desk to assist anyone wishing to purchase tickets or find out information about the show. Early access to the theatre will be available in order to avoid peak crowd times.
The AUSLAN interpreter will stand downstage left in clear view of everyone in the audience and will be well lit throughout.
House lights will remain on the entire duration of the show
The space outside the theatre is a designated Chill Out space for this performance, and is available for self-care and de-stress at any time during the show for anyone that needs a break
The technical elements of the show (lighting/sound) are not very heavy in general, but they will be softened for the Relaxed Performance
Everyone is welcome to behave and stim, pace, and make noise according to their own comfort.
Making noise is encouraged and expected, and bringing toys and fidget items is absolutely fine.
Earphones, headphones, or other equipment is absolutely fine. There are no expectations about how to behave, and traditional theatre conventions do not apply.

Content Warnings
Some Nudity, Sudden Loud Noises, Some Infrequent/Low Pressure Audience Interaction, discussion of climate anxiety and the climate crisis.
A third of the way through the show, Noemie eats a banana, grapes and a dragon fruit. They play with the fruit and get some of it on their face and body.

Venue Access


Access info
Downstairs at the Motley Bauhaus is fully accessible. There are no steps throughout the downstairs areas, all passageways are at least 100cm wide, including access to the downstairs theatre. The downstairs areas include the blackbox theatre, the reception/bar area, recording studio and toilets.

Wheelchair access
The downstairs area at The Motley Bauhaus is wheelchair accessible.
There are no steps downstairs and all passageways are at least 100cm wide.
There are double doors at the front entrance which you may require help opening. If you are attending alone and are having trouble opening the doors then you can get the attention of the front of house staff through the glass frontage and they can come and help you open the door.
If you are attending a theatre show in a wheelchair you are not required to notify the venue in advance but it is a good idea so that we can prepare in advance by reserving a space for you.

All toilets in the venue are unisex. The downstairs toilets are located in the rear right hand side of the venue accessed via a passageway next to the blackbox theatre. There is signage leading the way.
The first toilet you come to on your right is the access toilet.
If you continue down the corridor you will find 2 toilet stalls to your right, followed by to wash basins. If you keep walking you will find a urinal to your left and another toilet stall to your right.
The toilets upstairs are located on the far end of the gallery through a black door. Inside that corridor you will find two doors, each of those doors contain a bathroom with a washbasin and 2 toilet stalls. The furthest door also contains a urinal.

There are no steps in any area of the venue downstairs, and no steps to access the venue from the street.
There is one flight of stairs to access the upstairs areas. There are 12 steps to arrive at a landing, then a further 12 to reach the upstairs area.
Once upstairs there are two steps dividing the gallery space.

There are no dedicated parking bays at The Motley Bauhaus, only street parking. There are timed car parks (mostly 1 hour) along Elgin Street directly out the front of the venue.
For quick drop offs and loading and unloading there is an alleyways alongside the venue called Cassamento Place. You can briefly stop here if there are no parking spots directly out the front. Please note you cannot leave your vehicle there, it is for drop offs and loading only. It is big enough to accommodate up to a 3 ton truck.
There are more timed car parks around the corner in Rathdowne Street. Most of these are timed 2 hour spots. There is also a loading bay around the corner from the venue in Rathdowne Street.
There are a number of smaller streets that branch off from Rathdowne that have 4 hour car parks.

Event type

Other accessible and inclusive event

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For bookings and information on specific access and transport.

Noemie Huttner-Koros

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