Reclaim the Crone is a bold and haunting new performance that uses contemporary Butoh Dance Theatre, Projection, Poetry and Song, to take you on a wild adventure to reclaim the archetype of the Wise Old Woman.

Join us on a mythic journey as the Crones fight for recognition within the Patriarchal domain, invoking the Goddesses of old through song, ritual and powerful dance. Mourning the losses of climate devastation and getting down to business cleaning up the metaphorical mess as they mend and weave a potential new World where humanity reconnects with the mysterious old crone-Mother Earth.

This an important show of our time when in many cultures older women have been denigrated to the shadows by patriarchal power influencing how we treat and engage with the wise old Mother Earth. The Crones bust out of convention and herald in a new age of eco-feminism being championed by older women.
Reclaim the Crone is a multi-layered journey of defiance, growth and transformation offering new perspectives and possibilities for all people of all ages wrapped in a sonic and visually delicious, provocative treat. With an evocative original sound score by the world renowned composer Norm Skipp woven seamlessly together with video and choreography by Gabrielle New and performed by a skilled, experienced and talented team…this show is not to be missed.

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Belle Hansen
Company Producer

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