Schizy Inc provides opportunities the arts for people with mental health lived experience.

Program and Opportunity Access

Schizy Inc events and programs focus on mental health access. This means access adjustments specific to people with PTS social/sensory needs:

- volume, ambience and lighting awareness
- social space awareness
- practical learning
- respectful arts making/showing (story ownership)
- culturally aware language/etiquette
- economic/NDIS disadvantage
- support system disadvantage

Venue Access

Schizy Inc major events are held at Melbourne venues with disability access and proximity to central public transport.


  • Skill development
  • Social and community participation
  • Pathways to work ( Finding and Keeping a Job)
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Artistic outcome based

Other Focus

Schizy Inc provides gathering spaces for creative people with mental illness/recovery. Schizy Inc advocates personal and community empowerment through the arts. Schizy Inc creates working connections in the arts industry.

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Schizy Inc

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