Three daring collisions of sound and screen, mashed-up projection and percussion.

Speak Percussion commissions three wunderkind composers to fuse screen and sound, projection and percussion, rhythm and light into a remarkable live performance event.

From canned laughter to green screens, foley artists to house bands, this trio of unexpected works digs deep into the visual unconscious shared by anyone raised on a diet of TV and film.

Matthew Shlomowitz and Laura Spark play with the notion of the live audience and onstage talent, by taking televised crowd reactions, giving them entirely new context and questioning the professional/amateur divide.

Johannes Kreidler exploits the green screen to distinctly animate and dislocate the performative gesture, in which space and time are split apart and reassembled in head-spinning ways.

Jessie Marino draws on a dazzling number of screens, blinds, lights and haze to produce a kaleidoscopic riot of light and sound.

Playful and wildly imaginative, full of drama and delirium, Scream Star is proof that Speak Percussion sits at the leading edge of sonic experimentation in Australia today.

Event Access

Audio Described performance Sat 20 Aug, 7.30pm and Tactile Tour commencing at 6:45pm.

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Other accessible and inclusive event

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